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My own journey into a happy and fullfilled life started off rather tumultuous. Already in my early Twens I realized that while I had achieved ample professional success, my private life left much to be desired. I guess in some ways back then I was the stereotypical “IT-Geek” and “Nice Guy”, formerly having been bullied at school, with no real goals in life, no true friendship and a lack of dates with attractive women, all of which together made me rather spent my time playing computer games home alone.

Finding my true self took some years of intense focus, brought me into some quite exotic situations and countries, and ultimatly through a lot of interesting experiences, invaluable companions and meticulous usage of personal development tools shaped me to become the man I am today. Now I truly enjoy creating my own life story in a self-determined and relaxed way, and making use of possibilities I hadn’t even dreamed about years ago.

Inspired by my own personal change, I decided to aquire the necessary skills and competencies to also support other people in finding their true purpose and goals in life. To this end, between 2016 and 2019 I undertook the necessary training as a certified Psychological Counselor, and finished my diploma with outstanding success.

2020 I’ve also undergone the certification to qualify as Supervisor.

What fascinates me most in my professional practice are all topics centered around confident and councious masculinity, better relationships / friendships / love life, satisfying sexuality and personal identity. I’m familiar with non-traditional models of intimate relationships, and also with Kink in various shapes and forms.

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